Invest in the Best-kept Secret in Commercial Real Estate – Self-Storage

Scott Meyers is the nation’s leading expert in the self-storage business

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TriCore Storage Fund I, LLC

The Company is offering a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 25,000 Class A Membership Units at a price of $1,000 per Unit.
Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.16X-2.27X
Targeted IRR: 20% – 21.3%
Preferred Return: 8%

Homestead Hangars – Loveland, CO

We are pleased to offer over 77,000 SF of new condominium hangars located at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport in Loveland, CO.
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.78X
Targeted IRR: 19.4%
Holding Period: 4 Years

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How it Works

Why Invest in Self-Storage?

According to Bloomberg Markets, storage space is “… the number one alternative investment.” Compared to other forms of real estate investments, self-storage investing enjoys many attractive attributes:


Resistant to Recession


Relatively High Returns


Opportunities for Consolidation


Lower Breakeven Occupancy Rate


Low Maintenance and Less Hassle

Hear What Others Have to Say…

“Self-storage is a unique asset class. It has a reputation of providing relatively high yields and has shown to be relatively resistant to recessions due to its lower declines and default ratios versus other asset classes.”

– David Thompson, BiggerPockets

“One of the hallmarks of a recession is the movement of consumers into less spacious accommodations. As wages stagnate, and the employment picture gets grimmer, homeowners and renters tend to downgrade the size of their homes, but they still need a place to store their stuff. Self-storage facilities benefit from this demand and can see increased rental rates during a downturn.”

– Ari Rastegar, SpareFoot

“Let’s assume you had $200,000 to invest in 1994 and put your money equally into two investments. One investment for $100,000 in a self-storage REIT and reinvested all earnings while you put another $100,000 into the S&P 500 and reinvested all dividends. By 2017, the self-storage REIT would have grown to $4,026,413 while your S&P 500 stock fund would have grown to $532,243. Self-storage outperformed the large capitalization stocks index by a whopping $3,494,170.”

– David Thompson, Bigger Pockets

“The bottom line is that if we go into a bad housing market, people have to put their stuff somewhere. When the economy is good and people buy too much stuff they have to put it in storage. You’re winning as the market goes down, and winning as the market goes up.”

– Joel Cone, US News

Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers is one of the nation’s leading experts in the self-storage business.

Scott has a passion to share his experience and wisdom to help others succeed. Since 1993, he has architected dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions.

He has built several multi-million dollar businesses in real estate including; single family flips, to multi-family projects, industrial buildings, commercial office buildings, cold-storage buildings, warehousing, parking lots, and his favorite – self-storage.

Case Study

Units – 500+ Storage, Outdoor Storage, Flex Space, Offices, etc. 187,000 s.f.


Equity Multiple




Cash-on-Cash Year 1


Cash-on-Cash Overall*

*Including refinance proceeds

“It won’t take a long time to realize that if you’re looking for a secure, backed investment that will get you a better rate of return, this is something you need to take a look at…”

Armand D.

“I like the asset class, trust Scott’s expertise and appreciate the high returns!”

Lindsay H.

“Exceeded my expectations, this was my first syndication and I look forward to investing more”

Rebecca F.

“We love self storage and this is the closest we can get into the industry without direct ownership”

Xenia H.

“I liked the ease of investing and good communications. I loved the ROI!”

Sheri and Mike D.

“The team has great experience and history working with these large scale projects.”


Are You Ready to Invest?

Are you ready to take the next step so you can build passive income, be less dependent on your paycheck, have more peace of mind, and spend more time with your family?

Start making your money work for you so you can focus on living your life exactly as you’ve always wanted.

Want to Invest Actively in Your Own Facility?

The Self-Storage Academy


Discover how to start and grow a successful self-storage business


Learn dozens of self-storage investing secrets from the industry’s leading experts


100% intermediate to advanced content

Self-Storage Developer’s Academy


Three full days of content and networking, where you’ll learn about Self Storage Investing


Learn how you can take advantage of the incredible demand for self-storage facilities in virtually every market.


Share groundbreaking trends and technologies for for storage units invest

The Self-Storage Mastermind


Direct access to off-market deal-flow (members are required to bring deals to every meeting)


Millions in deal-flow presented at every meeting


The ONLY self-storage mastermind


Only hand-picked participants invited


Raise capital for the deals you bring

The Private Money & Syndication Summit


Approach accredited investors, partners, and equity partners


Find angel investors, deep-pocketed individuals, and big money associations

Giving Back

“Our company, Self Storage Profits, Inc., has committed a large portion of its allotted budget to being a repeat sponsor to numerous orphanages, schools, and charities around the world. At one point, we almost lost our real estate empire and were nearly forced to file bankruptcy.

Ultimately, we were spared from financial ruin, and my wife Christina and I felt compelled to honor God by helping those around the world who aren’t afforded the opportunities available to us here in America. We do this in gratitude for the mercy and compassion showed us during the years we endured our financial crisis.” – Scott Meyers


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