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*This is a 506(c) investment for accredited investors only.

Any performance figures mentioned are projections. Any information that may be furnished to prospective investors by the Manager may include certain statements, estimates, and forward-looking projections with respect to the anticipated future performance of the company. Such statements, estimates, and forward-looking projections reflect various assumptions of the Manager that may or may not prove to be correct or that may involve various uncertainties. No representation is made, and no assurance can be given, that the company can or will attain the Manager’s projected results. Actual results may vary, perhaps materially, from such projections.






2725 Maret Place NE

Canton, OH

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
54,666 +/-

Value Add: Conversion of 63,000+ SF to climate controlled storage. Strong proforma and value creation in this under served area.


23152 Harborview Rd

Punta Gorda, FL

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
20,400 existing

Value Add: Additional 18,025 NRSF of Climate Controlled indoor storate after warehouse conversion, Can add 100 new parking spots. Storage rents are significantly below market.


1150 Old W Liberty St

Sumter, SC

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
39,300 existing

Value Add: Rents 25% under market. No professional management. Can convert retail to climate control units (10×10 CC Units in this market are $140)


4545 NW  27th Avenue

Ocala, FL

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
(NRSF) 157,288+/-

Value Add: Add covered parking and power to spaces, rents are significantly below market rates.


14709 NW 129th Terrace

Alachua, FL

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
11,150 Sq ft

Value Add:  All unrentable units to be repaired and rentable by the end of Q2​; once repairs are complete, we anticipate a significant growth in occupancy as we implement new marketing strategies, management, and the addition of the after hours call center​.


1030 High Springs Main St.

High Springs, FL

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
33,490 Sq ft

Value Add: Add covered parking and power to spaces, rents are significantly below market rates.


731 Broad St.

Sumter, SC

Purchase Price

Sqft Storage
43,780 Sq ft

Value Add:  All unrentable units to be repaired and rentable by the end of Q2​; once repairs are complete, we anticipate a significant growth in occupancy as we implement new marketing strategies, management, and the addition of the after hours call center​.

Investment Opportunity

Class A1 and A2 shares for investment opportunities.

The Fund’s management team brings a collective 55+ years of experience with, and insight into, the real estate markets served.

We forge strong lasting relationships with our investing partners and business associates to achieve great financial success in commercial real estate investing while making a positive impact on society and the neighborhoods in which they invest.

Tricore Storage Fund Mgt, LLC has consistently outperform their self-storage investment expectations over the last decade.

Note: This 506(c) project is for ACCREDITED Investors only. Minimum investment: $50,000

2.16X - 2.27X

Targeted Equity Multiple



Preferred Return

20% - 22%

Targeted IRR

70% - 80%

Split of Cash Distributions

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Included inside the Investor Kit is a recording of the live investor presentation and the detailed Offering Memorandum with all the info you will need to make your decision

Open for Investment Now.  Act fast.

Note: This 506(c) project is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Why You Should be Interested

Recession-Resistant Asset Class

During a recession, many property types tend to lose tenants and suffer from reduced cash flow and lower rents. Self-storage is not nearly as affected because storage needs actually increase in a recession.

There is less reliance on individual tenants and significantly less maintenance/operations costs than any other asset type.

The Offering

We are offering a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 25,000 Class A Membership Units at a price of $1,000 per Unit. Upon completion of the Offering between 2,500 and 25,000 Class A Membership Units will be issued.

All distributions shall be distributed as follows: (i) first, to the Class A Members until the Class A Preferred Return has been paid to date. 

Then at the rate of eighty percent (80%) to the Class A1 Interests issued and outstanding, pro rata with the Class A2 Interests at the rate of seventy percent (70%), and the balance to the Class B Members, pro rata.

A Growing Market

The market was valued at $40.73 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach a value of $53.92 billion by 2026.

The increasing urban population means smaller and increasingly expensive living spaces in cities with more renters who move around more frequently.

“Self-storage is a unique asset class. It has a reputation of providing relatively high yields and has shown to be relatively resistant to recessions due to its lower declines and default ratios versus other asset classes.”

– David Thompson, BiggerPockets

“One of the hallmarks of a recession is the movement of consumers into less spacious accommodations. As wages stagnate, and the employment picture gets grimmer, homeowners and renters tend to downgrade the size of their homes, but they still need a place to store their stuff. Self-storage facilities benefit from this demand and can see increased rental rates during a downturn.”

– Ari Rastegar, SpareFoot

“Let’s assume you had $200,000 to invest in 1994 and put your money equally into two investments. One investment for $100,000 in a self-storage REIT and reinvested all earnings while you put another $100,000 into the S&P 500 and reinvested all dividends. By 2017, the self-storage REIT would have grown to $4,026,413 while your S&P 500 stock fund would have grown to $532,243. Self-storage outperformed the large capitalization stocks index by a whopping $3,494,170.”

– David Thompson, Bigger Pockets

“The bottom line is that if we go into a bad housing market, people have to put their stuff somewhere. When the economy is good and people buy too much stuff they have to put it in storage. You’re winning as the market goes down, and winning as the market goes up.”

– Joel Cone, US News

The Self-Storage Asset Class

We understand that self-storage isn’t what most investors would consider “sexy.” Sure, it may not have drywall or carpet, but from an investment and ROI standpoint, self-storage is one of the best investments in the US. Here’s why:


Resistant To Recession and can be more profitable than other asset classes


Stronger COVID-19 performance than other asset classes


Low tenant turnover


One of the most consistently profitable real estate industries

Forget any preconceived notions you may have about self-storage and discover why savvy real estate investors have had storage in their portfolio for years.

Our Experienced Property Management Team

We’ve spent years in the self-storage sector and bring loads of experience to this project.


One focus: Storage (for the past 16 years)


Our niche has been to turn around under performing assets by our management style and focus on details


Record of increasing income and decreasing expenses to create more value


Over $160 Million and over 2.5 million square feet of storage under management


Ability to replicate systems, protocols, processes and procedures

Class A-1 Shares

8% preferred return
80% split of cash distributions
$1,000,000 minimum investment
Targeted IRR:  22%
Targeted Equity Multiple:  2.27x

Class A-2 Shares

8% preferred return
70% split of cash distributions
$50,000 to $999,999 investment
Targeted IRR:  20%
Targeted Equity Multiple:  2.16x

Meet Our Management Team

Scott Meyers


Marcus Faller

EVP – Capital Development

Scott Dahin

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

Kenneth Lange

Chief Financial Officer

What You’ll Learn in The Investor Presentation

Bottom line, we look for properties in communities with a growing population, ample employment opportunities, and strong demand for self-storage. Coupled with our world-class management team, experience in self-storage, and an under-served community with high demand, it’s hard to imagine this investment being anything but a slam-dunk for our investors!

We think you’ll be blown away when you discover all the details of this investment on the investor call. Here’s what we’ll cover:


Our strict investing criteria and process.


You’ll discover all the numbers you need to evaluate this amazing deal including assumptions, splits, returns, appraisals, and more!


What this investment looks like – cash-flow expectations, purchase price, exit cap, and equity.


Why we love self-storage and how it fits into your portflio.


Best of all, we will also host a Q&A at the end where you can drill us on any and all questions you may have about this exciting opportunity.


We’ll drill down into the actual property and the experience that the management team offers.

This is an exciting new self-storage development investment opportunity with potential for strong returns. We can’t wait to share this enormous opportunity with you in the presentation!

Open for Investment Now.  Act fast.

This 506(c) project is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Passive Storage Investing Syndication Benefits


Syndication Leverage

Leverage our vast experience, financial sponsorship strength, and capital aggregation to invest in high-value self-storage facilities with high returns.


Tax-Advantaged Investing

Enjoy the potential for tax advantages such as depreciation, passive income tax treatment, Self-Directed IRA & 401(k) investing.


Capital Appreciation

Increased property value through physical and operational improvements that increase the value of the property by increasing Net Operating Income (NOI).


Recession Resistant

Self-storage has done historically well in past recessions as people downsize and need a place to store their possessions.

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