How Passive Investing Works

Create Passive Income

We help you invest in real estate syndications, which are simply group investments.

Instead of buying a rental property on your own, you pool together your money with us and other investors to acquire a larger commercial property, like an apartment building, hotel, or in this case, a self-storage facility.

​As a passive investor in a real estate syndication, you don’t have to do any of the work. You just invest your money and then start getting cash flow checks to your bank account every quarter.

1. Sign Up

The first step to invest with Passive Storage Investing is to fill out out Interest Form.

2. Connect

We’ll discuss your goals and find the best investments for you to help meet those goals.

3. Invest

We’ll help you understand every step of the process of investing with us..

4. Enjoy

Sit back, relax, and receive quarterly cash flow payments from your passive investments..

How It Works

Our Acquisition Criteria


Class B and C Properties with 250 + Units


Well Located, underperforming or Value Add Projects


Investing Nationwide


Conversion and Development Projects


Existing Facilities 10% or more Below Replacement Cost

Open Investments