Real estate investing is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth. However, many investors feel limited to commercial buildings or residential rental homes—without realizing they have more options to create cash flow. There’s more to building a real estate portfolio than dealing with tenants or maintenance problems!

If you’ve heard about self storage investing, you might wonder how it works. Does it pay off? Why is it a smart investment?

Today we’ll answer some of the most common questions we hear about generating passive income through investing in self storage opportunities.

Do I Own a Storage Building?

Yes, and no!

Self storage units a real estate opportunity that will always be in demand. People always need a place to store items, whether it’s stuff they can’t fit in their home or they need extra space for business inventory. However, you don’t have to own or maintain a physical building to benefit from this type of real estate.

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of passive storage investing is through real estate syndications. Instead of buying a rental property on your own, your investment dollars join other dollars from additional investors to form a fund. That fund purchases and manages storage facilities while you enjoy passive income returns on your investment dollars!

How Do I Find Available Storage Buildings?

You don’t have to do any work to find or manage storage buildings. When learning how to invest in self storage units, we help you keep it simple.

We focus only on this type of real estate. It’s one of the most recession-proof (and low risk) ways to become a real estate investor, and it’s our specialty!

When you become an investor, you tap into our resources and the C- to C+ class self-storage facilities that we buy at a reasonable price. We then add value to these buildings and generate returns for our investors.

How Much Money Will I Make?

While there are never any income guarantees when investing in real estate, choosing self storage investing is one of the best ways to generate consistent passive income.

Once you become an accredited investor, you can earn income in two ways:

  • Preferred Return from Cash Flow. Each investment pays a minimum average annual preferred return of at least 6%—and some properties deliver even higher returns! Investors receive quarterly deposits for preferred returns.
  • Profit Share/Back End Profit: When we sell or refinance a property. We work hard to return 100% of your initial invested amount. With the sale or refinanced profits, we then do a profit split between sponsors and investors.

With properties throughout the country, there’s plenty of opportunities to build your long-term wealth with passive storage investing!

There’s No Question: Self Storage Investing Is For You!

If you’re interested in real estate—but you’re not sure where to start—self storage investing is one of the best ways to generate passive income as a real estate investor.

Contact Kingdom Storage Partners, LLC to learn more about how it works!

Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers is one of the nation’s leading experts in the self-storage business. Scott has a passion to share his experience and wisdom to help others succeed. Since 1993, he has architected dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions. He has built several multi-million dollar businesses in real estate including; single-family flips, to multi-family projects, industrial buildings, commercial office buildings, cold-storage buildings, warehousing, parking lots, and his favorite – self-storage.