60% of the businesses that closed their doors during the pandemic did so permanently. If the past year has taught entrepreneurs anything, the main takeaway is you need to have ironclad investment strategies.

Your business needs to be able to hold up no matter what the world has to throw at it. The pandemic could be a sign of many more challenges coming in the next decade.

Making recession-proof investments is your best way to ensure that no matter what happens, you will still turn a profit. Read on to find out a few of the best investments you can make.

Develop Tangible Investment Strategies

Investing in tangible things is one of the soundest investment strategies you can make.

While it might be tempting to jump on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon or buy the most trendy stocks on the “Wall Street Bets” thread in Reddit, these represent more “flash in the pan” investment opportunities.

Hard commodities such as gold, silver, and other precious metals are excellent tangible investments. Even when the fiat economy soars, they tend to still hold value.

When the fiat economy crashes, these hard commodities experience huge increases in value. When times are bad for Wall Street, they can be great for you as a hard commodities investor.

The same is true for other tangible investments such as ammunition and non-perishable food. All of these things have direct correlations to helping people survive autonomously during times of trouble.

Therefore, during economic downturns like recessions, as the fabric of organized society begins to fray, these tangible items will increase in value immensely.

Real Estate Investment

Land is a great investment because they aren’t making any more of it and people need it to live. Whether you are investing in a house, commercial property, or raw land, real estate is an excellent investment.

Real estate is one of the most recession-proof assets. Sometimes as the economy in general declines real estate holdings increase in value. This is because it is one of the only concrete investments you can make.

You can also use your real estate to make passive investments. These are investments that provide you money without you having to work.

You need to spend some labor and capital to get the passive income source established, but it should provide you with labor-free money after that.

An excellent example of using your real estate holdings to create passive income is to build storage units. The benefits of storage investing, rather than residential investing are numerous.

A major benefit of storage investing is that you don’t have to deal with tenants. A storage unit pays for itself in a few short years.

It provides none of the headaches of residential property management and provides you passive income.

Make the Right Kind of Investments

If you are a sophisticated individual that has a knack for making a dollar, you need to understand how to make recession proof-investment strategies. The information in this guide can help steer you in the right direction.

If you need help making the best kind of investments to weather any economic storm, contact us today. We can help you develop an investment strategy custom-tailored to your needs.

Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers is one of the nation’s leading experts in the self-storage business. Scott has a passion to share his experience and wisdom to help others succeed. Since 1993, he has architected dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions. He has built several multi-million dollar businesses in real estate including; single-family flips, to multi-family projects, industrial buildings, commercial office buildings, cold-storage buildings, warehousing, parking lots, and his favorite – self-storage.